Tuesday, December 14, 2010


i do not have a belief in god, i may have believed him a long time ago but i do not now. i am supposed to believe that moses parted the red sea, and that solomon had 1,000 wives and mistresses?   not to mention some of the people in god's fan club do not act like christians, nor do they set a good example


  1. I tend to think that way, sometimes,too! But,in my case, I think it is despair! How can someone so great and powerful allow such things to happen! But,I also think, I have a great faith the teachings of man whose teachings have been distorted and bastardized. I agree, that some people who claim to follow him are ignorant, generally, self-hating frauds! But, taking his teachings at face value,I would like to thgink he is out ther! Which is hard for a gay man in our society! But, it is somethging I tend to try to hang onto! Even, though at times it seems impossible!

    I don't know if that made sense, or, if it just makes me look like a wienie! But, thanks for letting me share!

    Take Care, My Friend!

  2. You know I totally respect your thoughts and opinions, and understand where they come from, but had to share my personal thoughts.

    We cannot blame God for man's misdeeds. God gave us free will, and though it's sad and sometimes horrible what many have used that free will for, I do know that God/Jesus walks beside me and carries me as needed. Without that I'd never be able to keep going.

    I believe in everything that happens, good and bad, there are lessons, and though we may not fully comprehend them, they teach us, and mold us into hopefully better people. Those that don't will eventually suffer for it. In everything there is a purpose.